Some time ago in the casinos, slot machine players were considered the second class. The percentages for the payment were not adequate, the pots were small and these players did not choose them for the complementary bonuses that are usually given to the players. Over time this situation has changed, currently, more than 70% of the income is derived from slot machines. The vast majority of new players, the first thing they visit are slot machines, for their ease in playing with them. Just insert the coins into the slot and press the start button.

Step by step How to Play Slot MachinesA first-time player may feel intimidated by other players at a gaming table, but with the slot machines, you do not have to interact with other people. At the present time, these machines provide pots with large profits. For all these reasons, it is good to have a guide for slot machines, thus ensuring their success.

How to play

The video games that cost cents and nickel are the most popular. These games are followed by a quarter of a dollar and a dollar. You can also find games that cost from 2 cents to $100 dollars, which are spinning drums. These can accept between 2 and 3 coins at a time, however, in video games machines can accept up to 500 credits at once.

Most slot machines have currency acceptors where you enter an invoice in the slot and the equivalent of credits you will get in a meter. If you want to play a specific amount of coins, in these machines, you have to press the button to play the credits until you have the number of coins you wanted to play. After pressing the button to start playing, you can play the entire maximum that these machines allow; there is a button that indicates it.

On the other hand, video slots (Lucky Nugget has a huge selection of pokie games online) have a button where you indicate how many lines of payment you are going to activate and another button where the amount is indicated by lines that you will place credits. The configurations of the machines commonly have nine pay lines and a maximum of 5 credits to bet. There are slot machines that allow up to 25 coins for each line of payment, there are 5, 15, 20, 25 and 50 lines of payment.

The machines a little older have reels and therefore have a single line of payment that paints them in the center of the machine. There are others that have 3 and 5 lines of payment corresponding to a coin that was played. Where they stop is what indicates if the player won. The symbols that stop at these payment lines are usually triple bars, sevens, single bars, double bars.

In these payment lines, for example, if a single cherry appears, you can earn 2 coins, if you get bars of any kind, you win 10 coins, but it must be a mixture of bars. If they are 3 double bars, you get to win 60 coins, for single bars you can win 30 coins and if you see the 3 triple bars, you are the happy winner of 120 coins. And the jackpot you get with 3 coins.

Anyway, these bars should appear in the 3 lines, if they appear blank spaces, sevens or the combination of these you do not gain anything, therefore they will not pay you anything. Video slot machines have 5 reels that are spinning on their screen. But they are not only in a straight line but also in the form of a V, a zigzag and an inverted V. These machines had until the middle of the year 2000 a maximum of 50 payment lines.

Another feature of video slot machines is that they have to scatter payouts and bonus rounds. Depending on the symbol that is activated, it designates a dispersion payment if 2, 3 or more of them appear on the video screen. It does not matter if they are not in the same line of payment. In the credit meter, the gains are added every time a winning combination is reached.

If you finished playing on that machine and you want to withdraw the coins you have won according to the meter, you can press the withdraw button and the machine will press you a ticket that has bar codes so you can change it for cash in the box. If you were in one of those old machines, the coins will fall on the tray, so be prepared to collect them all.


There are players who are very agile and put coins in two machines at once, sometimes more machines that are close to each other, although this is not recommended when the casino is full of people, because you take the opportunity from others players have fun too. It is better not to play in so many machines at once, you can lose the jackpot if by chance it comes out and you do not have time to pick it up.

There are many things that can be presented and get away from your gains. Another thing you should be careful of is if a machine was set aside by someone. Sometimes the players retire to go to the bathroom for a moment, and in their position in the machine they can leave a jacket, a coat or even a backpack, they can support the chair against the machine, all these are signals indicate that this machine is busy and at any time they will return to it.

Make sure the machine is free, do not go for a surprise and have an unpleasant confrontation with the player of that machine. The idea of ​​going to a casino is fun and if you earn some money, it is much better. These slot machines are addictive, so you must also take enough money to bet and be careful not to overdo your budget, sometimes you have a lot of luck and sometimes you do not have any luck. Be prepared for that, too.