Index of Signs

This page contains the braille symbols taken from the following chief manuals:
  1. New International Manual of Braille Music Notation, 1996
  2. "Compendio di Notazione Musicale Braille", Guglielmo Vassio, 2002
  3. Introduction to Braille Music Transcription, Mary Turner De Garmo, 2005
The user can enter the braille symbols into the "Braille Search" window. The symbols must be entered using the numbers from 1 to 6. For instance, to enter "inaccord", write 126,345. (the symbols must be separated by a comma)

There are three modalities to activate the search. "Search at beginning", "Search at end", "Search everywhere". If the user enters a braille character and selects "Search at beginning", all the symbols composed by one or more characters starting with that character will be displayed.

It is possible to get a more targeted search by selecting the corresponding voices in the "instrument" and "manual" windows.

The search displays a chart showing the description of the searched element, the manual it was taken from and the position with respect to the main element. For instance, the "dot" symbol will be positioned at +1 because it must be placed after the note, while "octave" will be positioned at -1 because it is placed before the "Pitch"

The chart also provides the corresponding symbol used in print.

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Braille dots






  1     1   First FingerFirst FingerAll instrumentsInternational Manual0
  1     1   Left ToeLeft ToeAll instrumentsInternational Manual0
  1     1   Ring finger anularRing finger anularAll instrumentsInternational Manual0
  1     1   Left handLeft handAll instrumentsInternational Manual0
  1     1   first pistonfirst pistonBrassVassio0
  1     1   syllabic slursyllabic slurVocalVassio0
  1 2     1 2   Second FingerSecond FingerAll instrumentsInternational Manual0
  1 2     1 2   Left heelLeft heelAll instrumentsInternational Manual0
  1 2     1 2   Two syllables sung on one noteTwo syllables sung on one noteAll instrumentsInternational Manual0
  1 2     1 2   second pistonsecond pistonBrassVassio0