It was Christmas holidays, my some old friends from high schools are coming home to celebrate with the family. We chatted on the Facebook and decided to have a get together on the special days’ eve. We all were very excited and full of energy to meet up and celebrate. For the next day morning we planned some adventure trip to the natural landscapes of Australia. As some of my friends are very athletic and awesome basketball players so we planned to go on hiking.

As we had to do so much backpacking, I read some travelling and hiking blogs, and made a full-fledged strategy for the special day and to have real wild fun. In the very morning we get over on our bicycles and moved on into the wild. We then decided to go on a high altitude and see the view from top there. And when we reached there, the exotic beauty was mesmerising like we are dreaming. We then had our energy drinks there and decided to do some ballooning.

At the top, there was this whole setup of the hot air balloons. As we were hungry, so we had our energy bars to collect some more stamina. At that much height our mobile gadget were not working, so we clicked some images with camera and recited jingle bells over there. It seemed like we are in a movie or something, clicked tons of photos from over there.

Getting down, we felt so tired and made protein drink to get over it. It was evening already so went to a hotel, where there was a casino section too. And we all decided to give it a shot and played the game “high 5.” It was a five reel slot game. And I also made some videos while playing and uploaded them on YouTube to share with other friends as well. It was the best day of my life after a very long time, as I lost someone I love that year. And all the credit goes to my high school friends who came to me when I really needed them.