Since my childhood I have been in to this wild animal and wildlife stuff. So one day while sitting at the office we planned to go on a visit to Africa and have fun there. So I invited my friends on Facebook and to some I email them and for some I told them on instagram. So we get out of victoria, considering the facts the trip may be dangerous too, so we are all prepared caution wise. I searched online to get some summer cramps that we can use at the farms.

We had packed enough food for the eating and I spent hours of time in doing the research about the car company club. And get some amazing stuff to wear on easy. I also called one of my best friends from Detroit to go with us, because he is kind of a gymnastic person.

It was my dream to hunt there as well, but since it is not allowed now I saw some online videos on how to have more fun in Africa, on our way to the national park we stayed in an inn. I charged my iPhone there. After sometime we left the inn, we started to see wild animal including elephants, deer and giraffe, few miles later we were expected to see some lions but instead we saw a leopard family lying there with so much pride in the park. We did some amazing photography there and uploaded them instantly on instagram so that my friend and family can download them. After that when we proceed we saw a bunch of wild buffaloes having drinks from the pond, which made us all thirsty too. So I take out the whiskey bottle and made a chilled shot to quench it.

When I returned I made a documentary out of pictures I took there, It was the best experience of my life and unforgettable too. After returning i found out that i spent too much on the trip and decided to recover some by playing break da bank again game. it is a free video slot machine that you can easily download, and sometimes it is called the four slots. i read some review of it online and then finally played and won a decent amount.