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It was a long weekend and I was going through my college pictures album, remembering the fun we used to have at that time. There I saw a pic of one of my close friend and wondered we haven’t talk in ages, so I decided to give a buzz to him. But unfortunately I didn’t have his mobile number, and then I thought of searching him online on social media like Facebook & twitter. I somehow managed to find him on Facebook and asked his no.

The next day I called him, he told me that he is living in UK, but can come to me the next weekend. And we agreed upon the next week meet.

The next week, when he came we had lots of drink and gossips about the golden days. He told me about his new hobbies including gambling and stuff, and he showed me some casino games for instance. The next day when he was gone and I was getting bored anyways, and I went online and searched about the game “reel gems”. It’s a slot machine and if look further to find its reviews and videos and the brand that created it, it was microgaming, a well-known company to produce high end games. Then I played it on the Roxy casino website with the free play and really had great fun that weekend.

After that day i became fond of the slot games and i kept looking for free pokie games with no download and ones which i can play on my android device. and i specifically searched for the pokie machine games that come with the free spins and no deposit.